Rodrigo Morlesin

Rodrigo Morlesin

Ciudad de México (Ciudad de México) Mexico


A Graphic Designer professional, professor specialist in Editorial, with 23 years of experience. I work at Profesional independiente.

Areas of interest: Architecture, Audiovisual Design, Clothing Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design, Advertising, Urbanism, Communication, Illustration, Marketing, Textile Design, Interior Design, Branding, Technology



Apr 2005 – Dec 2010

Creative Graphic Coordinator
I Began as a Graphic Editor of entertainment section Circo.
Actually, I coordinate the general design of the newspaper and special products, sections and issues.
Columnist of El Centro newspaper. The special sunday double page of children literacy with interviews and recomendations. And a triks and pranks section for kids

Collaborator in the colombian magazine El Conde Letras of the Jordi Sierra I Fabra foundation.


Dec 2003 – Apr 2005

Grupo Monitor
Editor-Designer/Radio host
Editor, designer and reporter of Mi Monitor, weekly newspaper section for kids. talking about ecology, science, tv, movies, literacy... among others.

Also I was the radio host of La Mesa Infantil Monitor, Radio debate show for kids on Radio Monitor.


Apr 2000 – Oct 2002
Graphic Coordinator
Editorial Coeditor and Graphic Coordinator of Children’s channel, Graphic Coeditor of Homepage, News, Culture, Life and Style, and Entertainment channels.


Jun 1997 – Apr 2000

Graphic Coeditor
Graphic editor of Kids section Gente Chiquita
also designing other sections like: Gente!, Primera Fila, Ciudad, De Viaje! y Decibel!.

Also,writing , interviews
and photos on different sectios of the newspaper.


Oct 1994 – May 1996

Margain Arechandieta CC Marketing Agency
Collaboration in multiple design proyects : Packaging and envelopes, POP,
Advertising and posters. Some of the clients was Sonrics, Pepsi, Puma.