The Rise of Craft Beer

Craft beers are opting for innovative designs, focusing more on communicating their quality and craftsmanship than denote European tradition.

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The beer label design was closely related to European graphic style, almost medieval, by means of Gothic fonts, medals, coats of arms and aesthetics resources that refer to tradition of the old continent. All these elements seemed practically unavoidable when designing a label of beer.

Everything changes

However, nothing is forever and everything changes. The beer market is growing at a rapid pace and steady, so they will look for new ways to connect emotionally with new consumers. In recent years, many brands have avoided the busiest road and focus on emphasizing the value of a handmade product for the most consumed and famous beverage in the world.

The new beer consumer is more demanding and savvy, therefore is more open to try and experiment. This allowed the growth of the craft beers category with more varieties and even with flavored beers. What once was a small market where only small regional producers were involved, it became important, relevant and massive.

Original = Authentic

Another highlight is the valorization of the craftsmanship of food and beverages in general, we can see a preference for natural products. Authentic versus industrial or artificial. A handmade product involves special care, personal attention and patient dedication. This require a bespoke label design, distinctive, unique and unrepeatable. This trend seeks complicity and empathy with young consumers who is open to new and attractive product proposals.

To communicate this new concept, craft beers began to use expressive resources borrowed from the wine label design world. One of the distinguishing features is the format of the labels. They almost abandoned the classic oval shaped die for straight cut labels, matte and textured papers. The chromatic scheme has also changed, they use a desaturated color palette that helps to create a warm and often intentionally nostalgic feel.​

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Revolution is here!

This very special category is allowed to tell a brand story in a more calm and relaxed tone of voice. Maybe they are related to a place of origin, family history, a peculiar character or something unique that is simply amazing. With the growth of emerging craft beer brands supported with this creative strategy, it has created a new category that invites new consumers to experience new sensations. The last question that comes to my mind is: will the revolution be televised?

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