Minimalist Packaging

Minimalism requires to decide on what is really necessary from what is not.

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To be truly minimalist, this article should end at this very point. Paradoxically, this text needs to be more extensive to explain this article title. Minimalism is the result of a complex synthesis that requires a thoughtful analysis. In the process it is better to start with as many resources as possible and carefully select what is really important and necessary.

Minimum Definition

As defined by Wikipedia, minimalism refers to anything that has been reduced to essentials, stripped of excess. In packaging design we could say that these elements, rather than remaining, would be those that are not strictly necessary to understand the brand and product message.

3D packaging identity consists of two main parts: Structural and Graphic Design. Minimalism has its own characteristics in each:

  • Structural Design: The physical hardware. Simple and pure forms, easily recognizable silhouettes.

  • Graphic Design: Text and images. The minimal ornamental resources, little text and a simple color schemes.

Lanjarón bottle holds the mystical purity of the mountain Mulhacen. The simple bottle shapes frame the mountain that emerges from the bottom.

Minimalist Culture 2.0

Minimalism is an inevitable consequence of the 2.0 culture, where virtual information is updated rapidly and constantly. Social networks like Twitter force us to minimalism with only 140 characters and this is also extensive to all kinds of visual messages. Whenever we can handle much more information in less time and developed a knack for ignoring the visual noise around. For example, we listen to music and ignore other noises, focusing all our attention on what we are listening. The same applies to visual messages. We have visual and auditory selective attention.

Designers must understand and design on behalf of these cultural shifts if they want to get visual messages received. Is necessary to be simple and straight to create efficient and clear messages. Complex and difficult to decode messages will be quickly ignored.

The challenge was to reflect the soul of the African continent by means of a minimalist, contemporary yet attractive and colorful package design..

What Less, What else?

What we must first do is to analyze and classify the amount and quality of information. Consumers should make multiple purchase decisions in a matter of few seconds each time they go to a supermarket. It is a hard and time-consuming task and should be more rewarding than frustrating. The famous statement «less is more» I would change it into: «Less quantity and more quality of information.»

Consumers need to make buying decisions quickly absorbing the least amount of information possible. This increases confidence on the brand while creates an emotional bond between them.

Minimalist design not only facilitates the assimilation of information but generates greater visual impact, attracting the attention of the busy consumers and making easier the difficult task of deciding which product to buy in just a few seconds.

The unmistakable chocolate taste is expressed in all its dimensions in Lindt products. Simple shapes and sophisticated materials complete the experience.

Massive Trend

Luxury cars, perfumes, jewelry, cosmetics and many others have been traditionally appealed to minimalism. A sober and sophisticated packaging identity was built though nowadays it is no more exclusive property of such brands intended for wealthy shoppers.

Truth is minimalism it not only a design strategy for premium products but a real influence in mass consumption. Generally, minimalist packaging designs tends to be perceived as noble and reliable products, however, in each category represents different virtues of each.

The cross, from the native Aboriginal culture, is just suggested by a subtle difference in brightness and relief. The textured paper provides warmth when touching it.

Final Summary

Minimalist design process is the opposite of what it may seem: it is the result of an extreme synthesis effort. To make a summary of a book, first you have to read everything. It should not be too long nor too short. You must have the right content to get an idea of what is.

Design is an activity that should encourage and simplify the human beings lives. If the consumer gets what they need to know in the shortest time possible, surely the design is effective.

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Portrait of Israel Garcia Aviles
2 months ago

Quede facinado por lo que he leido, logro resolver mis dudas acerca de este tema. Siempre he creido que la parte de embalaje debe ser mucho contenido y demas, pero ahora veo que no necesariamente tiene que ser de esta manera. Me gusta que se explique esta parte del comprador, como es que tenemos solo unos pocos segundos para llamar su atencion, me llevo demasiadas cosas de este articulo especialmente la parte en la que se menciona «Menos cantidad y más calidad de información».

Portrait of María Tabush Skinner
Aug 2017

Con el paso del tiempo, las cosas van evolucionando y van cambiando. El minimalismo es una tendencia que ha venido para quedarse en el diseño gráfico. Aunque parece fácil de lograr, se necesita de mucho análisis para lograr concretar y reducir una idea a su forma más simple. Como dice el artículo "No es menos es más, es menos cantidad y mejor calidad de información"

Portrait of Nicole Garzón
Nov 2016

As time goes by many things come and go. In graphic design, minimalism has been making itʼs way through and itʼs here to stay. Even though it seems so easy to make, many designers donʼt realize what it implies. Just like you say, to make a synthesis of something you must surely analyse the whole thing, read, experiment and then start cutting stuff off. In packaging itʼs the same way. Minimalism is not just a sans serif typography with a plain background, itʼs a whole process underneath that make it look simple yet so hard to achieve.

Portrait of Claudia Torres Quiñonez
Claudia Torres Quiñonez
Nov 2015

La importancia y el valor estratégico de la identidad del packaging, que combina el Diseño Gráfico y es decir que para comenzar cualquier proceso de diseño es necesario el análisis y el pensamiento estratégico pueden parecer obvio. Pero lo cierto que muchas veces no es tan obvio. La estrategia es fundamental

Por Ejemplo.

El mercado de vinos es muy amplio y por ello es indispensable saber comunicar conceptos que permitan diferenciar un producto de su competencia


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