Ambient design and new technologies

New ambients and spaces go along with habit and behavior changes in people. In this scenario: what is the role of technology?

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In recent years, we've witnessed the rising of new types of ambients and spaces, such as home spas and cinemas, gourmet kitchens, gourmet rooftoops, gourmet spaces, etc. New names, some of them grandiose, to describe activities somehow practiced before, now renamed and grouped in ambients of their own.

In all of these new types of ambients, a cultural or habit change arises, closely in touch with technological changes. But what happened first? People's needs and desires? Or are the new technologies pushing us to this future-present?

The way we live is related to the ambient we inhabit and, naturally, if there is a change in behavior or culture, it will also change the way we relate with spaces. Beyond this, when we go through considerable changes, new paradigms, concepts, models and theories appear. The same occurs with ambient design.

As time goes by, new technologies and lifestyles get more and more integrated to our everyday lives. The urge of connectivity in all ambients and places makes us to wish —and consume— new electronic devices, and to incorporate technological solutions to these ambients in order to be always online. Thus, we seek to equip our house with automated lighting solutions, Internet, sound and electronic devices. Gadgets inhabit our houses with us.

As we aim to insert technology in every living space, we continue to seek comfort, practicity and well-being. We sustain our desire of customizing spaces, transform them like us, to turn them into a place in the world that reflect our personality and aspirations. Is this against the technological future?

Not in ambient design. Design and technology go side-by-side in the world's accelerated change, and seem to be always at the first line, proposing solutions whose main purpose is to fill spaces with meaning, to transform them in places that take care of the well-being and all other subjective demands of people.

This union between design and technology feeds the whole civil construction industry, promoting the making of decoration exhibitions throughout the world. Such exhibitions are the most suitable place to see the results of this union, materialized in trending ambients. There we can see and experiment new technological facilities implemented in ambients using materials on coatings, furniture, equipment, besides perceiving the impact of these novelties on visitors. In Brazil, every year we have at our disposal exhibitions and events such as Revestir, Casa Cor (House of Colour), Morar mais por menos (Live more with less) y Master Casa. Italy also has events, such as Salone del Mobile (The Furniture Lounge) and the Cersaie, in addition to other exhibitions throughout the world that await us to pay a cozy, challenging visit.

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Portrait of Angel Arevalo
Jul 2015

i think this mix is great, finally comes a new era of facilities for us mixed with design the most interesting part of all is the futuristic 70ʼs influence, iʼm not really into gadgets and technology sorrounding us all the time like in "2001", but is just my opinion. The forniture is getting a lot of new costumers and is getting more abstract everyday and its so dreamy. I wish this kind of stuff arrive to Mexico soon so we can customize our space as we want.


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