Glauco Diogenes

Glauco Diogenes Diogenes

São Paulo (Sao Paulo) Brazil


One of the most versatile and talented designers of his generation, he acts as Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Illustrator since 2000.


His Portfolio presents projects of great relevance and scope of media and market segments. Cases in illustrations, branding and creation of brands and logos stand out internationally, appearing prominently in prestigious publications such as the Los Logos series of the German publisher DGV – Die Gestalten Verlag, Logo Design from the conceptualized TASCHEN. All this besides ILLUSTRATION NOW 3 and ILLUSTRATION NOW PORTRAITS.


In 2005 he founded Glauco Diogenes Design® - A multidisciplinary studio that in just over 10 years, has served over 400 clients in Brazil and abroad. TV Globo, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Klabin, Absolut Vodka, MTV, Santander Bank, Grupo Votorantim (Votorantim Group), São Paulo’s City Hall, SESC-SP, São Paulo Futebol Clube (a soccer club from São Paulo), Abril and Globo Publishers, Tok&Stok and Marcelo Rosenbaum have projects with the signature of the Designer.


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