The Influence of Fashion Bloggers on E-commerce

The fashion bloggers reduce the transactional costs in e-commerce, acquiring prestige through their posts that have the capacity to accelerate innovation diffusion.

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To a market be viable, institutions that reduce the transactional costs are need, because the information is costly. In an environment where the rules and spaces are diffuse and that move fast as the e-commerce, the existing institutions as the legal system of a country are not enough to guarantee the reduction of this costs, turning the bloggers in a powerful tool to diffuse trends as externality of their function.

From the interaction with trade, emerges the contemporary phenomenon, where bloggers gain importance from the need to reduce the information costs about the product to be bought, as the quality, supplier and delivery. From their posts, indexed to search tools, its determined what to be bought and where to buy it, creating a new form to follow the trends

For that reason, they are getting more influent and start to be profitable, at the time they professionalize as media. From its initial position, static, waiting to be found through key-words, they conquer acknowledgment from their public, that needs to find information about what they want to buy, exercising a dynamics function, determining which trends Will be adopted and in which speed. As externality, they expands the niche economics, because they make the communication between search tools and therefore attracts a public that identifies itself with the blogger content.

In countries as Brazil, where important part of the population lives far from the most important trade axis Rio-Sao Paulo, the e-commerce becomes an alternative to consume products of high design or better prices, giving Power to the bloggers in the trends diffusion. The bloggers gain popularity for the diffusion of products through its channels, becoming as important as any tool of publicity and marketing.

As we live in a world in constant transformation, the dynamics institucionality of the bloggers is essential to reduce costs of acting in the market, making possible the very existence of the e-commerce, from a scene that is characterized by the negotiation in networks. They represent a new space of economics interaction that moves and its built in each transaction, what turns the blogs in the media of highest potential influence, because the risk calculation does not support the traditional model of institutions defined ex ante.

In the fashion, that is characterized by the speed of cycles movement, because the bloggers accelerate the innovation diffusion when they share trends to a public that is predisposes to adopt them and have capacity to influence the behavior in its groups. For their geographical reach, they expand the income of the trade, without the limitations of the traditional publicity. When its analyzed the data of the e-commerce in Brazil in 20121 – it was dealt the equivalent of US$ 10 billion and represented the 5th sector in electronic transactions – its becomes clear that the influence of the fashion bloggers will only increase with time.

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  1. Source: Câmara Brasileira de Comércio Eletrônico, 2013.
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Portrait of Sole Verduga
Apr 2014

I believe that this issue is extremely important because it addresses the new system of communication and distribution of messages. I think just as we start to saturate as an advertising medium it will only lose its persuasive power and along with that we will lose an average exposure used by many professionals nowadays. A subject with large aperture of analysis that perhaps began with a fashion focus, but that could become the next institution of social power.

Portrait of Ana Bossler
Apr 2014

Thats the idea. We are working with dynamics institutions, a form of social power, more uncertain, but building new social interactions that could overcome the ones that keep the status quo.


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