Official Communication Is Not Political Propaganda

When state communication resources are misused for party interests.

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Official communication is the way a public organism acknowledges, reports and promotes each of its actions, whether they are undergoing or to be developed. It is the maximum voice of a people, it represents a people, and therefore, it must be respected by those who control it as objectively as possible.

Official communication must respond to state policies, regardless of the current government. It is the state the one that communicates, promotes or reports. It is the democratic form of communication, and from its speech, lays the course being traversed.

Government entities are beyond management. Therefore, its communication and the usage of its symbols also must go beyond management. This transversality, plus respect for the symbology and the heraldic, contribute to the construction of each public organism's identity, and not that of the current management. Identity signs go beyond governments, as they represent all inhabitants, regardless of their ideologies.

With the apparent need to be second by second in the media, or the need to respond to political marketing requirements, which may have a profile more private than public, it all comes down to an excessive usage of symbology with personal or partisan references to position, reposition or maintain a political figure or party. These recurring practices create the impression, at least on today's Argentina, where it seems to be political campaign season 365 days a year, all years.

There is a deep, regrettable mistake in the state's appreciation, the usage of its resources in every aspect, and communication does not escapes this tendency. Confusion or propaganda, promotion or official communication misusage performed by different governments can be seen countless times, in any of its states, countries, provinces, municipalities, using the colors or representative symbols of that moment's political party to flood the landscape with its management's propaganda.

To realize that every government can or must do its own use of what in reality is official communication, it is also a resources embezzlement, that undoubtedly responds to a political agenda. It is the duty of those who are part of communication areas to make this difference, to work for the respect and preservation of state identities.  In any case, if functionaries do wish to demonstrate their management's achievements, with a political or partisan character, they must do so in parallel, outside of the state, with resources of their own.

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