Alejandra Pineda

Alejandra Pineda

Medellín, Colombia

A Graphic Designer professional, student specialist in Diseñadora Visual, with 10 years of experience. I work at Bata Colombia.
Areas of interest: Architecture, Audiovisual Design, Clothing Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design, Advertising, Urbanism, Communication, Illustration, Marketing, Textile Design, Landscaping, Interior Design, Branding, Technology, Public Relations, Fashion Design, Motion Graphics, Art, Education, Photography

I have built my career in consulting and marketing, analysis, design, management and evaluation of strategies and devices that promote communication experiences in industrial and cultural business environments.

Worked on the design and evaluation of brand and product experiences in process consulting, advisory and capacity commensurate with the reading in several target audiences as analysis and study of information.

Experience in fashion markets, materials innovavition of product and industrial development with massive brands

I feel a deep interest in all cultural and social Issues, having also a long experience like volunteer in social projects with children and young people.

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