Xavier Picamal

Xavier Picamal

Madrid (Madrid) Spain


An Architect professional, professor specialist in Administración de datos, with 29 years of experience. I work at Wairbut, S.A..

Areas of interest: Graphic Design, Advertising

  • IT Consultant - Database, DataMart and DataWarehouse Design, Modeling, Management, Tuning and Monitorization. Software Engineer.
  • Human-Technology duality researcher.

I tink there is only one kind of knowledge: that which is transmitted.
Knowledge is always useful, just wait for the opportune moment to apply it!
Three qualities are essential in a person: ability to adapt, to analyze and to learn.


Direct experience with advertising consulting, financial consulting, accounting and implementation of Spanish LOPD

Direct experience as Security Chief in International Lawyers Firm.

Direct broad experience with sales departments, marketing strategy and human resources management and recruitment


  • Design, Modeling, Administration of Databases, Datamart and Datawarehouse.
  • Software Engineering and Re-engineering.