Rupespier De Vargas

Rupespier De Vargas

Stockholm (Järna), Sweden

An Architect professional specialist in Design, with 17 years of experience. I work at atelierLaChimba/Nido/Boraxlogos.
Areas of interest: Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Branding

long story short:, i started designing and building restaurants and bars where i developed the concept, interior design ,graphic and furniture design, i have kept the 3 disciplines ever since and now a days all 3 are divided into 3 different firms that i direct, atelier La Chimba for Architecture and Interior design, Borax for Logos and identity and Nido for Furniture and Objects. most of the projects are executed in Cochabamba Bolivia, and some are in Sweden since i command the studios from here.

i moved to Sweden with the idea of finding new markets and learning more from new experiences with the european folks.



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