Maribel Pacheco

Maribel Pacheco

Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina


A Graphic Designer professional with 22 years of experience. I work at Independiente / Freelance.

Areas of interest: Architecture, Audiovisual Design, Clothing Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design, Advertising, Urbanism, Communication, Illustration, Marketing, Textile Design, Landscaping, Interior Design, Branding, Technology

In 1995, I got my degree as a Graphic Designer at the Superior Institute of Graphic Design in Rosario. Immediately afterwards, I had the chance of work in an publicity agency. This and my experience abroad let me to get involved in projects with clients in Argentina as well as in the USA and Spain.

After getting specialized in advertising and visuals my project was to explore the area of visual communication in the virtual media network. This made me take a postgraduate course on Multimedia Design (Maimonides Spain) so as to learn in theory and practice the technology tools that allow me to create audiovisual and interactive pieces of work applicable to the web and to other interactive projects.

My objective has always been to enhance the customer’s experience, developing effective messages and applying innovative technology, always maintaining a balance between esthetics and functionality.