Graphic Design Students Have No Holiday Season

It's not easy being a designer. It involves sacrificing so many things, among them, to be working at all times, because for a designer, what is «holidays season»?

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You start a semester, it's time to see your friends again, say hello to those teachers you like and to see the faces of those who you don't like so much, once again. It'll be six months of complete slavery, tension, pressure, stacked-up deliveries and in the middle of it all, what do you crave for? Just some good, well deserved vacations, that you've earned with great effort and dedication.

As the class days goes by, and you hear the tormenting voice of your teacher explaning: «there are two models of visual printing through an additive and subtractive synthesis, blah blah blah... a trichrome is composed by blah and more blah», all that you're thinking is in your oh-so-desired vacations. Sun, beach and sand for you and your friends; club nights, movie afternoons and mostly, fun. Finally, good nights of sleep, well-served meals, luxuries and comfort. No more MacBooks, burning your head with the signaling icon for other people to understand that there, yes!, there!, is the bathroom; no more cutters, rulers, colors, printings and more.

While you work on your computer as a slave you turn to see the calendar hanging on the wall, where you're counting the days to go on vacation.

You've cried, kicked and screamed for an assignment turnover, ripped off your hair out of despair. Your eye circles are raccoon-like, you can't even believe the dead face you have after so many hours without sleeping because you were designing. It's 3 a.m. in the morning and you're finishing your final project, you don't care about the time, you're just thinking that tomorrow will be the last day of classes and then you're off for vacations. It's time to sleep and only because it's time to sleep you lie on your bed, knowing that you're crushing your colours beneath you, that you have a square under your leg and that your MacBook is on the edge of the bed.

You get to college, and get rid of every subject and finally, it's your last hour of lectures. You sit and just watch the clock so it ticks departure time and you go out running. You see the clock hands moving, very slowly, and in those minutes you imagine your so awaited vacations. You see yourself on the beach, having fun, tanning that skin so confined that it even changed its colour. You see yourself with that new bathing suit you bought a year ago and didn't have the chance to try out until now, when suddenly you start hearing a little voice in your head saying: «therefore, the task for these holidays will be…». Oh no!, your dream begins to crumble, cold and ruthlessly. Your «dear» teacher had no better idea that to give a holiday assignment, and while he dictates that hideous assignment, you imagine a thousand ways of hurting him, cut his car's tires, drop some coffee on his MacBook, leave a stain on his favourite shirt or well, just ruin his holidays.

Sadly, you come home and while you're packing, between the bathing suit and the nightclub clothes, you put your MacBook, switch sunscreen for chartpacks, a towel for a cutting board, and yes, that's the way how you can ask yourself, thanks to being a graphic designer: what are holidays?

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Portrait of Valeria Lama
Apr 2014

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, desde que commence a estudiar diseño gráfico he tenido menos tiempo para pasar con mi familia. Es verdad que cuando somos estudiantes tenemos más tiempo que cuando ya nos graduamos o ya buscamos un trabajo para pagar nuestras cosas como la renta. Pienso que todo se vuelve más complicado en el momento que nos volvemos independientes y como seres independientes tenemos que nutrirnos de cualquier manera posible por lo tanto hay que estar en constante aprendizaje y actualización.

Portrait of Alejandro De Althaus
Dec 2013

Este artículo habla sobre una de las realidades del diseñador, el diseñador no conoce las vacaciones ya que el trabajo siempre lo acompaña, ya sea para adelantar o con trabajo o simplemente por investigar para trabajos freelance. El diseñador no conoce de vacaciones porque esta en constante aprendizaje e investigación para mantener la mente retroalimentada de información que sea útil para trabajos siguientes.


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