Bianca Suárez

Bianca Suárez

Córdoba (Córdoba), Argentina

An Audiovisual Designer professional, professor specialist in Phd. Semiotics, with 21 years of experience. I am attending Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. I work at I practice teaching at Semiótica.
Areas of interest: Audiovisual Design, Communication, Technology, Motion Graphics

Responsible leader, committed, interested in the social and cultural, enterprising and innovative development of Latin America. Learn every day, creating responses and taking action at the right time. Completed doctoral studies in Semiotics, Master degree in Anthropology researching culture, art and technology. Began her career conducting research on motiongraphics for film industry. Taught seminars about creativity, innovation and interfaces since 2006 at Argentina, and Colombia. Presented several papers and participated in different research and Worked for many audiovisual and web productions. Speak Spanish, English, and some French and Italian.

Chief of Research at the School of Communications and Fine Arts of the National Unified Corporation, and also the Academic Coordinator of the I International Congress of Data Visualization that will have place next 4 - 5 of november at Bogotá. By the way, Wellcome to Colombia!

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