Jose Manuel Campos

Jose Manuel Campos

Mexico City (Delegación Benito Juárez), Mexico

A Communication Expert professional specialist in Dirección creativa, with 19 years of experience. I work at Maquinaria Creativa.
Areas of interest: Audiovisual Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Advertising, Communication, Illustration, Marketing, Branding, Technology, Motion Graphics, Art, Photography

More than 17 years experience in advertising, graphic design, marketing and sales, I have contributed at international advertising agencies such as BBDO and 141 Worldwide. Proven capacity to deliver results, regardless if you talk about creativity, art direction, revenue, profit, growth or customer satisfaction. Excellent and broadly recognized team player. Skilled to solve complex creative and business situations. Aggressive sales element, fosters and develops creativity and innovation. Great thinker, analyst and solver of ambiguous situations. Fully bilingual (Spanish-English).
I have had the opportunity of being client, supplier and creative allowing me to have a better and analytical view of what the projects demand, how to achieve doing it with the less resources and overall how to sell it.

Specialties: creative direction, art direction, corporate image, branding, design, social media.

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