Recipe book to get over the crisis with design

Professionals from 14 countries give their opinions and reflections about the profession and its relation with businesses and society.

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Articulado is a compilation of opinions and reflections of some of the main current design mentors about the relation between design, environment and economy. The non-profit publication has been made with the support of the Asociación de Diseñadores de la Comunidad Valenciana (ADCV) and of the Instituto de la Mediana y Pequeña Industria Valenciana (IMPIVA). It has been coordinated by José Antonio Giménez and Sanserif Creatius, and has the involvement of 60 design experts from 14 countries, from USA to France, Armenia or Spain among others.

The book includes texts of Karim Rashid, Milton Glaser, Michael Bierut, Alberto Corazón, Erwan Bouroullec, Enric Jardí or Alberto Lievore, together with signatures like the design critic of the International Herald Tribune (IHT), Alice Rawsthorn or the manager of the magazine Mi Casa, Covadonga Pendones.

It is a useful text for both design professionals and businessmen. It is an informal view about “what we do” and “why we do it”. Its objective is to explain the importance of integrating in the industrial processes and in the communication with the designers, the image and business identity to improve the competitiveness.

Ana Yago was in charged of the design of the book. It is printed in ecological paper, using one ink, in A3 size and with a handle to ease its transportation. It is a limited edition that has been conceived as a carrier for transferring the values related with the sustainable growth, the reuse and the low-impact productive processes designers are part and, in lots of occasions, origin of (because the materials, the processes and the approaches chosen to develop a product or a graphic design are our responsibility).

It is not trivial that this book starts with an article of the graphic design professor in the Plastic Arts and Design School of Sevilla, Ainhoa Martín Emparán, about the sustainable graphic design; nor that in the publication appear professionals like Erwan Bouroullec, who address the necessity of remodelling the social agreement and imitating the commercial system of the ecological agriculture; Raquel Piquer, who advocates for the utilization of 100 % biodegradable materials such as cardboard for the industrial and familiar design of the product; or Ana Yago, who advocates for the added values and for the responsibility of the professional, like the design critic of The New York Times and the International Herald, Alice Rawsthorn do.

Over this basis, the book analyzes every single one of the professional fields and its relationship with the sustainability policies, as it is reflected, for example, in the text of the Technician Engineering professor of Industrial Design of the CEU-UCH, Cristina Ventura, in her text “Future signs for the design of new containers”. Or the change of model that is observed in new generations and the reorientation that the current professionals should face, in words of the chief editor of the magazine Diseño Interior, Marta Pérez-Astigarraga and the manager of the magazine Experimenta, Pierluigi Cattermole.

Together with them, we find Alberto Corazón, André Ricard, Andrea Balboni, Andreu Balius, Artemis Yagou, Carlos Tíscar, Carmen Baselga, Covadonga Pendones, Diego Areso, Diego Obiol, Ellen Shapiro, Enric Jardí, Inma Vera, Javier Errea, Javier Pérez, Javier Zarracina, Jo Cope, José Vicente Paredes, Bkm design working, Camilla Diedrich, Daniel Nebot, Dídac Ballester, Dorien Franken, Karim Rashid, Lievore Altherr Molina, Manuel Martínez-Torán, Marcelo Alegre, Marta Aymerich, Marta Pérez, Mary D. Haroutyounyan, Matilde Alexandra, Mauricio Lara, Michael Beirut, Milton Glaser, Monica Arman, Santaclaragrafics, Santiago Sevillano, Sara Guntinas, Stefania Andorlini, Sven Goemaere & Miel Cardinael, Tomas Gorria, Víctor Barberà, Víctor Palau, Xavier Bordils, Yves Zimmerman, Lola Castelló, Nacho Lavernia, Nicolette Scharpenberg, Nilufer Durna, y Pilar Roger.

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