NACE, a network designed to abuse creatives

Nowadays we are swarmed by certain platforms capable to empty any creative bowels. And the worst part? The snobbish airs they exude.

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Not so long ago I received a personalized mail to my name: «Hi, Olmo, we have seen your work, which we like very much». It so happens that the individual that liked so much my work without ever having seen it is a member of NACE Global Creative Network, a platform in the Adtriboo style, created by disreputable characters devoted to vandalize designers an sell a mediocre service to its hypothetical clientele. NACE promotes open contests to make available several proposals from different designers. Supposedly, as they claim, the client will choose the winner and subsequently pay him or her. In their optical delusion, the client will be under the impression of having discarded all the inadequate jobs. A high percentage of them will take part on this fraud, not out of malice but rather by ignorance and lack of insight. 

Granted the most fascinating thing about NACE is not its shameless disrespect, but  its snobbish manner of communication. One of their texts claim:  «we work in an Open Talent system, tracing creative talent wherever it may be». Fortunately, a super-mega-advanced-tracing-system —not the Rastreator—, have found me where I was. Precisely, in the exact moment of its search, I was sitting down reading the label of a soap box, and it has been able to reach me! Bravo Open Talent, you're really something! Bragging about its cleverness, they continue: «Our Talent Hunting select and invite the best creative people to be part of our creative staff online». So to say, Open Talent, once it has found me, goes to Talent Hunting to choose me and to invite me to be part of its privileged group. 

And then: «During the creative process we relay on an instant  feedback technology, in which every single idea goes through a NACE curatorship process». Would it be the case that you'd already be working in a NACE project, at a momentary loss of ideas and feeling unable to reach their high quality standard, in flashes the Instant Feedback Technology —with its fluzo condenser activated, I imagine— and the NACE curatorship process, to help us mega-cool design as if we were depositaries of twenty Laus awards. 

In their colossal impudence they remind us that «ideas always are your intellectual property until your idea becomes a winner». Did you get it? This means that as long as you design a piece of shit you can shove it up your whatever, but if your project is chosen by the client, their Feedback Technology will instantly appear to take away your rights.

Finally, they reassure us very agreeably, that «if you only want to participate in the projects that you like nobody will force you, as in a normal office». I can't believe it. Really? Is it mine a normal office?

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