CLAP International Design Awards

We launch the the first excellence awards for design, branding and communication professionals in Latin America.

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CLAP Awards, International Design, Branding and Communications Awards, recognize the best work of graphic design professionals in Latin America, USA, Brazil, Spain and Portugal, made ​​between 2012 and 2013. They are summoned together by FOROALFA and International VEREDICTAS – leading agency specialized in certification standards of excellence that organizes, among others, the ANUARIA1 graphic design awards in Spain and Portugal since 20 years ago – and they have the support of prestigious organizations in this profession: Brazil Design Center, Design Mexico, Metropolitan Design Center in Buenos Aires, the Graphic Designers Association of Brazil, Grafitat of Ecuador, Mexico Quorum, the House of Design Uruguay, Chile Design, Graphic Designers Association of Colombia, the Academic Network Design of Colombia, Barcelona Disenny Centre, among others.

In its first edition, CLAP Awards established 17 categories grouped into 4 areas, which accommodate the different fields of Graphic Design:

CLAP Graphic Advertising

  • Best Ad or Campaign in graphic press
  • Best Ad or Campaign on public roads
  • Best Brochure or set of promotional or advertising brochures
  • Best illustration work applied to advertising or promotional communication

CLAP Digital Graphics

  • Best Digital Media Campaign (banners, landing pages, social networking, e-mailing, etc.)
  • Best Graphic Design for an Application (Web, Tablet, Mobile, etc.)
  • Best Website Graphic Design for an organization (company, institution, NGO, etc.)
  • Best Website Graphic Design for a product or service

CLAP Branding

  • Best package or set of containers (products line)
  • Best graphic image (logo or graphic mark)
  • Best corporate identity or branding system
  • Best Identification System signaling in buildings or signaling

Editorial CLAP

  • Best Newspaper or Magazine Design
  • Best Illustrated Book Design (Encyclopedia, textbooks collection, etc.)
  • Best Textbook Design (Literature, books collection, etc.)
  • Best Paged Booklet (Institutional, informative, memory and balance, etc.)
  • Best Illustration work applied to a publishing project

The International Jury CLAP Awards is composed only of representatives appointed by the most prestigious institutions of the profession, without any member of the organization, or members with formal or commercial character. The variant introduced is that each area has a different jury, comprised solely of specialists, ensuring their full suitability.

Can attend the Awards CLAP all graphic design works carried out in Latin America, the U.S., Brazil, Spain and Portugal between 2012 and 2013. The deadline for submission of entries is September 6, 2013. It is possible to register and then submit the work before the close of the call.

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  1. See site ANUARIA Awards.
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