Nelly Delucchi

Nelly Delucchi

Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires), Argentina

An Industrial Designer professional, professor specialist in Diseño de marroquineria y calzado., with 26 years of experience. I practice teaching at UNLAM.
Areas of interest: Architecture, Audiovisual Design, Clothing Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Web Design, Advertising, Urbanism, Communication, Illustration, Marketing, Textile Design, Landscaping, Interior Design, Branding, Technology

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-1989/Diseñador Alpargatas Saic/ marcas Topper/Pampero infantil/Flecha y otras, Jefe de Producto, 1989-20003 Gatic SAmarcas, adidas,Avia, BBG, Assics,Converse y otras, 2003-2005 Alon Argentina/Converse All Star Jefe de Producto, 2005-2008 Lotto Argentina, Jefe de Producto, 2005 actualidad desarrollo de marcas como freelance.

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