Deyanira Palacios

Deyanira Palacios

Bogotá (Cundinmarca), Colombia

An Interior Designer professional specialist in RETAIL DESIGN, with 12 years of experience.
Areas of interest: Architecture, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Advertising, Communication, Interior Design, Branding, Fashion Design

Graduate in Architecture and Master in Retail Design. Focused on conceptual and formal planning for retail spaces, as well as concept development and the creation of experiences in the point of sale.
Visual merchandising, front windows, shop in shop and product display are some of my professional interests.

I consider myself as a proactive entrepreneur and fast learner, aware of the importance of multidisciplinary work in the development of an idea or project, able to work as part of a team, good communication and organizational skills. I am a responsible and positive person, eager to take advantage and maximize my abilities through willingness of learning from the environment and those who surround me.

Interior and Retail Design - (Concept development, front windows, visual merchandising).

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