Natalia Delgado

Natalia Delgado

Victoria (British Columbia), Canada

An Educator professional, professor specialist in Diseño gráfico, with 18 years of experience. I am attending University of Victoria (PhD). I work at Natalia Delgado. I practice teaching at University of Victoria.
Areas of interest: Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding, Education

A bold creator, empowering communicator and life–long learner, Natalia Delgado is a design educator & social entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in her field. Born in Mexico City, she holds a MA in Sciences and Arts for Design and a BA in Graphic Communication Design, both from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. In 2009, she moved to Canada, where she is currently completing the last stage of her PhD in Art Education at the University of Victoria. As part of her dissertation, she is a co-designer for the Green Streets Game community project in Vancouver, B.C.

She works as a professor for CETYS University and the University of Victoria and is a consultant for the international non-profit Poster for Tomorrow. In 2012 she helped develop the curriculum and program design for the United Nations Funded Draw Me Democracy! Project.

Natalia has shared her unique design process and vision at conferences and workshops around the world. Her award-winning work has been exhibited at more than 100 locations and featured in numerous international publications

Natalia’s interest in contemporary social issues has been a key element in all of her work. She emphasizes the need to consider design within its larger social, historical, and cultural contexts. As aneducator she strives to empower her students by fostering a sense of collaboration, critical thinking and passionate engagement.

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