Marta Valero

Marta Valero

Cork (Cork) Ireland


A Graphic Designer professional with 9 years of experience.

Areas of interest: Graphic Design, Branding

For all my artist out there, you are in it TO WIN IT! Never give up your dreams, not for a split second. Never stop trying, not even when all odds are against. Never take no for an answer, you keep trying for a yes! Every artist is unique in a special way so don't ever get discouraged when you see others progressing around you, this doesn't mean you wont be able to..instead it should show you its very much possible!
YOU choose the very route you take, YOU choose how you get there and how you make it. Do it with love and passion, if you just always set your mind to more positive, powerful things...your dreams WILL come true! Let yours dreams become reality, for you reap what you sow!


Faith is the key! ♥