Fabio Caveira

Fabio Caveira

Amman, Jordan

An Advertiser professional with 24 years of experience. I work at Leo Burnett.
Areas of interest: Clothing Design, Advertising, Communication, Illustration, Fashion Design, Photography

Hi, there!

I am Fabio Caveira, a Brazilian Art Director.

I'm a little different from other guys from Brazil. I don't like soccer, I don't know how to samba and I've never tasted feijoada. But like some brazilians, I'm crazy about advertising. So crazy that has been more than 20 years that I'm working with!

I've worked in local and global agencies from Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Qatar, Romania and Jordan with all kind of clients: low budget ones till budgets that you would not believe.

Yes, I have some awards. More than some friends, less than others.

And I've been working at the Middle East has almost 2 years and a half and I'm currently at Leo Burnett/Jordan enjoying temperaures close to 50º.

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