Carolina Salazar

Carolina Salazar

Estados Unidos (San Francisco), United States

An Architect professional, student specialist in Design thinking e design estratégico, with 17 years of experience. I work at Design Thinking Institute. I practice teaching at Universidad La Salle.
Areas of interest: Branding, Education


Nuestro principal trabajo Iy diseñar los procesos creativos para llegar al consumidor final y lograr la empatía con el producto , servicio o procesos .
Somos empresa de Consultoría en Creatividad , Innovación y Design Thinking.

DesignThinkers is a Design Driven Service Innovation Company. We help organizations design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust. To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation Value with all Stakeholders. Our goal is to create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centred Vision.

Especialidades:Entrepreneur and Manager of Service Innovation Projects. Service Designer and highly experienced Workshop leader of Co-Creation Sessions.
Business Consultant with over fifteen years of experience. Fields of expertise: Media, Government, Financial Services, Insurance Services, Mobility Services, Telco Services, Energy Market.
Keywords: Customer Journey Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Service Design, Service Innovation, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer, Internal and External Branding

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